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Things I use to make this website.

Most of the photos on this site were taken with Canon s230 and Canon s500 digital cameras.  A few were done with a Pentax K1000 SLR and scanned.  I like the s230 and s500 for their compact size, they can go with me almost everywhere.  The features and quality are great.  My only dislike is that the auto focus sometimes misjudges what I want to focus on in closeup nature shots, as in the Arboretum.  But otherwise, the auto focus works fine.   I suppose that any auto focus camera has this quirk. Web Hosting I use LunarPages to host my website and I'm very happy with their service.

In association with The posters and framed prints I sell are manufactured by Zazzle.

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free The rest of my giftshop is hosted by Cafepress, who make it easy for anyone to open their own online store.

Linux - all my web development is done on linux.    I edit html with a plain old text editor (vi).

The Gimp - for all image manipulation.  Open Source is amazing.

bbgallery - a very nice tool for making image galleries.  Thanks Bodo!<

The Panorama Factory - photo stitching software for my panorama photo galleries.   I started by using the PhotoStitch software that Canon ships with their cameras.  PhotoStitch is fast, but it often does a bad job blending seams, and the resulting image looses a lot of detail.  Panorama Factory is much slower, but does a much much better job.

My Brain - it comes in handy.  Sometimes.

My Friends - thanks for putting up with me.

Internet Radio stations I listen to when working on this site:

Music resources:

  • Sonar a complete music studio for the PC
  • a Fender electric guitar with Roland GK-2 midi pickup
  • Boss GT-5 multi-effects processor
  • Roland GR-9 guitar synth
  • a fine old Guild acoustic guitar

iPowerWeb - the company hosting this website.   I've been with them since Feb 2003, and am happy with the service so far.

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